Singer Lou Heneise presents fresh Outlaw style gems and colors them classic with the help of the rustic cow-hands that accompany her. The presentation is rustic with a vintage quality that gives it nostalgic reverence, as if they came in from the farm and pressed record on the tape machine while they sang around the fire.” - The Wild is Calling - Emerging Folk

The Wild is Calling - Emerging Folk


Collaborative Dark Folk Grass

Gunslingers is the brainchild of Lou Heneise. Much like the roving bands of cowboys and train robbers of the old west, Lou invites musicians to jump in and out of the band that plays her songs at their hearts' desire. Some stick around for a tenure. Some only perform one show or record one track, and that's just how she likes it. Gunslingers is rarely the same band twice. Through it all her high and lonesome mountain mama vocal delivery croons insightful lyrics over an acoustic guitar, often accompanied by banjo, mandolin, bass, and fiddle. She delivers a dark, Americana, Folkgrass in the roots tradition. 

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